Crystals changed my career

Crystal therapist Lauren accidentally stumbled upon the use of crystals that changed people’s lives. She visited a crystal therapist at her mother’s request when she was pregnant with her second child.

“When my mother’s friend, who was studying to be a crystal therapist, asked me to be her guinea pig, I was skeptical. It sounded a little weird, but I wanted to help. When we arrived, I got into it. the table and the practitioner put crystals on my body, she waved her arms a lot, but never touched me.

“Suddenly I felt the energy moving around me, in my arms and legs, even though there was no physical manipulation. My legs started tingling, and I started tingling. I feel incredibly calm and relaxed.”

As I lay there, I suddenly found myself crying and shedding tears. I haven’t cried in at least five years and the emotional relief was great. It was amazing to feel so relieved when there was no one. I touched myself or spoke to myself, I kept sobbing, and it was a deep cathartic feeling.

“Then I realized that I was crying because I didn’t want to go back to work. At the time I was a teacher and returned to work full-time after the birth of my eldest daughter. Very sick and stressful, although I decided I needed to go back and I had to do the same again after having a baby.

“When I got up from the sofa, I felt much lighter, as if the weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Thanks to the treatment, I had the courage to talk to my husband at the time and explain how I felt the pressure. full-time employment.

‘It would have been too hard for me to go back to the same work with the same clock, but I couldn’t express what I was feeling – or even realize how strong it made me feel.

“Now I work as a crystal healer myself.

How can people experience the magic of crystals and gemstones in everyday life?

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are bright, glamorous and sometimes expensive. Others are rude, seem boring – until you learn their secrets. Rough diamond or ruby can be overlooked. Many stones are twisted, cut or cut to improve their appearance, but they also work well in their natural form. So you can easily put the crystal in your pocket or under the pillow and let it do its thing.

For a crystal to create magic, it must be magnetized for your energies. This aligns the crystal with your intention. This helps you focus on exactly what you want the crystal to do, and ensures that the crystal will do its job. This intention makes magic work. The use of crystal greatly increases its efficiency and guarantees good results from its use. Take it home, run under the tap to clean its energy, then take it with both hands and program it to answer you, dedicating it to your specific purpose.

Love comes from a multitude of crystals and stones that can be as tenderly romantic as pink quartz, or powerfully erotic as red jasper. They attract the soul mate or sing about the existing relationship. Crystals change your perception of yourself, making you more open to love. You can feel the love radiated by a multitude of crystals, and if you wear them on your heart, these stones can be very soothing. They have a gentle energy that helps you accept and love yourself – a prerequisite for being loved by someone else. One of the funst ways to experience the love of crystal is to take a bath with your favorite stone. Choose one that has the qualities you need: for example, passion, romance, self-esteem, healing for your heart. Clean the crystal and place it in water, which can add a few drops of rose oil. Take a long hot bath and soak up the energy. If you share a bath with your partner, so much the better. Put the stone under the pillow at night to enhance its effect.

Another tip for new users of crystals and gemstones?

The crystal that speaks to you is a crystal for you. Crystal does not necessarily have to be expensive or scarce to be effective. When it comes to crystal, size and appearance don’t matter. Don’t be fooled by bright, bright and large colors. They are not necessarily the most effective. Small, distorted and less attractive crystals often have the same efficiency – and are much cheaper. When you visit a crystal shop, notice which crystal you notice first. It will probably be for you. If you are looking for a specific crystal, put your hand in the bathtub, and the one that sticks to your hand will be named after you.

Remember that all bodies are different – we all radiate different frequencies, we have different relationships, different family models. Thus, there is no magic to “heal” all the crystals (although many types of quartz are close to this!). What works for you won’t necessarily work for your friend, but there will be another one that will work. Wees dus niet bang om te Experimenteren en om intu’tief kristallen te gebruiken in plaats van te volgen wat iemand anders je vertelt is de manier om het te doen – dat gezegd hebbende, heb ik ik verschillende boeken geschreven om je je

And also remember that many seemingly simple diseases are actually “diseases.” There is a underlying emotional, mental, or spiritual state that manifests itself as a disease to draw your attention to yourself. The crystals gently cope with these basic states and return you to the holistic balance that I like about determining healing.

It is very important that the crystals absorb negative energy, so they need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise they will overload and stop working. The easiest way to do this is to put them for a few minutes under running water and then place them in the sun to charge. They can also be put in brown rice or salt overnight (but only if they are layered or crumbly) or put on a large piece of quartz or sedolic to clean and restore energy.

Have crystals and gems finally been recognized for the incredible benefits they have to offer?

Yes, I think the success of my books, such as the Crystal Bible, shows that more and more people recognize the value of crystals.

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