Energy and protection

Everything in the physical world consists of energy and information. Energy fluctuates at different frequencies, but we can’t see this energy because it vibrates too fast for us. Because our feelings are too slow for these vibrations, we only get fragments of information that allow us to perceive the chair on which we sit, our body, other people, and so on.

When you walk into a room and feel that you can ‘cut the atmosphere with a knife’, it’s called negative energy, and just like when you go to a party, you’ll hopefully feel – excitement in the air – or positive energy.

Similarly, when we open our energy centers for healing, meditation, prayer, visualization, or crystal work, we attract energy vibrations (both negative and positive). Therefore, it is necessary to protect against negative energy.


Grounding is important before working with crystals, as it allows you to stay in contact with the earthly environment. Working with crystals will take you to a higher level, and when you finish your work, if you are not grounded first, you may feel a sense of swimming and emotionality (like a healing curve) because you are open and sensitive. . there could be someone else’s negativity.

To ground yourself, take three deep breaths, sit down, firmly put your feet on the ground, and imagine the roots coming out of the soles. They sprout through the ground, through the mud and rise to the center of the earth, so that you are completely grounded. Try to tear your foot off the ground to check the grounding. If it’s hard for you, you’ll know that you have a reason.


Dear universe, I ask you to surround me with the pure white light of your divine being. Save me from all the negative vibrations so that I will dissolve in the universe without harming any living being. Please put me in my golden bubble absolute and complete protection.


Visualize yourself standing in a pink bubble and know that nothing can penetrate into this bubble, only divine white light and unconditional love


Clean and bless your crystals

There are many ways to clean crystals. However, not all crystals can be placed in water without damage, so it is important to pay attention to how to clean the crystals.

When the crystals are produced as a result of interaction, all manual cleaning has been done. If your crystals have been mined elsewhere, you will need to clean them yourself.

With so much pollution and dust in the atmosphere, it is recommended to use a child’s hairbrush to brush off crystals that not only remove dust, but also gently stimulate the crystals.

The crystals should also be consecrated before use. Once the crystal is manually cleaned, the next prayer is required to prepare the crystal to work with you.


Dear Universe, I want to thank Mother Earth for donating these crystals on behalf of humanity. I ask you to bless the crystals to release all the negative vibrations in the universe and to dispel them without harming any living being.

Dealing with crystals

Before you start working with your crystals, follow the basic steps:

  1. Protect yourself and get grounded
  2. Clean and bless the crystal.
  3. Focus yourself, sit with your eyes closed and focus on your breath for a moment.

If you work with a monocrystal, hold the crystal in your right hand so that the edge on the crystal is drawn to your fingers, and ask to release all negative vibrations without harming any living creature.

Now place the crystal in your left hand with an edge to your wrist and ask for the help you need. Work with the crystal in each hand for at least ten minutes.

Crystal healing techniques

Explore your crystal

When you buy a new crystal for the first time, you should spend some time on it. You will find that it develops your sensitivity to its energy field.

Step 1 Look at your crystal at different angles, close your eyes, take it with both hands and write down your thoughts.

Step 2 Hold the crystal with both hands and breathe, imagining how the air enters through the crystal and gently exhales through the crystal so that you cycle through the crystal, creating energy.

Step 3 Sit quietly, closing your eyes, and focus on the color you see on the feeling of the crystal in your palms and feel some tremors or thoughts passing through your head.

Step 4 Lie and place the crystal on your solar plexus and feel what it feels, re-visualize the color of the crystal, the shape and thoughts you catch.

Repeat the same with the crystal on the third eye, noting any changes.

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