We’ve put together this article to tell you everything you need to know to get started with this rewarding marketing channel. You want to spend as little as possible on ads to earn as much as possible from sales. Remember that programming and software depend on the specific product you get. As a general rule, the further away your audience is, the higher the tone should be. To achieve this, there are several features of the content and the board itself that you need to work on.

As for hunting LED factories online, the most popular source is Alibaba.com. While some providers are verified and websites guarantee quality, for others you need to protect yourself from fraud and irregularities. A type of portal portal where an LED is installed on two poles over a specific street, road or area. Type F installation where the LED hangs on one side of the pole that resembles the letter F. You can then include identifying characteristics of your brand to link the good feeling someone gets from watching a joke with your business. If you want to rent space on an existing board, make sure your ad is in a place that your audience visits often.

The recommended solution is to print the persistent content as your company name and basic data in static signage. Then you can use the LED board to attract extra attention, give short-term updates and announcements. A 3’4″ x7’7″ board with a 13mm pixel pitch costs about $23,431. And a board the size of a 13’11” x47’9″ billboard with a 20mm pitch costs about $224,551. Basically, the board costs more as the size, number of colors, resolution, connection speed, amount of customization, and decorative elements in the design increase.

Let’s take a closer look at this technology here and get to know it better. Instead, he opted for a uniquely shaped digital plate to convey to passers-by the feeling of eating a McDonald’s burger. It’s a really good example of how you can use digital signs outdoors to led screen supplier create ads that are really perfect for your brand. The time of manually changing the text in your signage is over. You can save time and money by designing your LED billboard displays online. Even printing costs are reduced because everything is done on a computer.

Only then can you install LED panels in all atmospheric conditions, which also extends the life of the monitor. Now let’s take a look at the 10 main features of professional LED displays. To do this, we need to pay attention not only to the budget, but also to various technical criteria. When purchasing an LED billboard, it is advisable to work together with professionals with years of experience. Usually, when you want to get an LED billboard, you find a supplier, place your order, and then cross your fingers, waiting for them to deliver the product to your specifications. Surprisingly, an almost infinite number of colors can be created simply by changing the intensity of the individual color diodes, resulting in the classic and eye-catching look on LEDs.