A qualified and experienced SEO expert will review your site; ask about your business goals and target visitors; and identifies strategies to improve your search engine rankings and page views. While 75% of businesses invest in search engine optimization, many are wondering if they should hire an SEO company. While an SEO agency can offer several benefits, it’s essential for your team to determine if hiring an SEO company is the best move for your business. Therefore, before you make the investment and hire SEO services, you’ll want to ask these six questions. If you’ve already decided that you want to hire an SEO company but need to find the right agency, consider WebFX. This level of trust in search engines ensures that search engine optimization remains a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy.

If so, it means it’s worth linking to your content and therefore more credible compared to an externally unlinked website. Simply put, link building is what SEO professionals do to try to get links to their websites to improve search results. When you hire an SEO consultant, you don’t just want traffic, you want leads and sales. In today’s reality, you should look for someone who is a well-rounded strategist in a number of digital marketing areas, including content marketing, social media marketing, and public relations, and not purely technical SEO. Beware of SEO professionals who focus solely on link building or just one aspect of SEO.

Consequently, a modern keyword strategy requires research into user intent, expertise in content marketing, and a working knowledge of Google’s ranking priorities. It may require more than one or two SEO experts on a marketing team, which is why some brands choose to partner with a professional SEO agency. SEO is a proven digital marketing strategy to generate long-term revenue. For example, our custom SEO strategies have helped create over $3 billion in revenue for our clients. They have also provided clients, such as Reynolds Building Solutions, with qualified, high-quality leads.

They will then work with the website’s content team to ensure that the changes are implemented effectively. Whether your business is small or large, or somewhere in between, if you rely on web traffic for sales or marketing, you’ll need to master search engine optimization or hire an SEO specialist. SEO experts at SEO Moz, High Rankings, and Raven Internet Marketing Tools offer these 10 tips to help you find the right SEO professional.

If they don’t mention things like load time, page speed, on-page optimization, content marketing, web design, and a pleasant user experience, choose another company. SEO is an ever-changing practice because search engines are constantly updating algorithms for a better user experience. You’re busy running your business, and you may not have time to worry about organic traffic, keyword research, and search results.

It’s critical for an SEO professional to measure the outcome to know if tactics and strategy need to change to be successful. You’re looking for someone who understands that SEO is as much about people as it is about search engines. The best SEOs understand that Google’s goal in website ranking is to provide an exceptional user experience. Bonus points if they mention recent updates or algorithmic changes, such as Core Web Vitals. Instead, ask how your candidate agencies plan to measure the success of your campaign, whether it’s a specific level of traffic or conversion, a certain number of backlinks built up, or a certain ranking achieved over time. Realistically, it can take six months to a year, or sometimes even longer, to score well, even for moderately competitive keyword phrases.

Michael Fox is CEO of Corberry Digital, one of the nation’s leading digital marketing agencies. Prior to founding Corberry, Fox co-founded and CEO of eFaucets.com and Hausera.com, an e-commerce retailer that promotes major CPG brands such as Kohler, Delta and Moen. At eFaucets, they’ve boosted SEO with over 115,000 SEO keywords that rank high on Google. The company generated more than $500 million in revenue using digital marketing. Fox is an 18-year-old retail e-commerce veteran and Forbes employee. He is a digital marketing strategy advisor for large and small companies.

All the traffic in the world won’t help if your website loads slowly or doesn’t offer a good mobile user experience. A qualified SEO consultant should focus on the big picture, not just a small segment, which is inbound links. Yes, links are still the #1 ranking factor in search engines, but links alone won’t automatically translate into conversions and revenue. If you’re considering hiring an SEO consultant, you’ve undoubtedly realized that there are endless amounts of options available. A quick Google search reveals expert services from all parts of the world and in all price ranges. Honestly, it can be quite overwhelming for some entrepreneurs, especially for those who aren’t familiar with everything that search engine optimization entails.

As your team explores the possibility of hiring an SEO company, you need to think about your business strategy. If your company sees SEO as an ongoing long-term investment, partnering with one of the best SEO companies can help your team maximize your SEO ROI. Many brands don’t know where to start to improve their website ranking, so they hire visit this page professional SEO services. If your brand is struggling to make a name for itself, chances are you don’t have any extra money floating around in the budget. Not only will an SEO professional help increase your traffic and conversion rates, but it will also free up your time to focus on more important things, like running your business.