It is important to know the basic shipping guidelines, especially when it comes to sending limited and prohibited products. In a way, it helps you to stay on good terms with the carrier while sending your items to designated locations. If there are restrictions, it means that you can ship your items that fall under your particular classification or that you must meet the standards mentioned by the shipping company. Here, USPS shipping restrictions mean that your shipment must meet the basic requirements for USPS shipping and comply with federal laws, state laws, etc., which apply to the limited item being sent. When sending mail and parcels to army post offices, you must provide procedures and regulations in addition to standard international shipping restrictions. For military and diplomatic correspondence, USPS and the United States government do not set shipping restrictions by country, but by individual post office.

It may be critical to understand the limitations USPS has on logistics. There are prohibited and limited items that you can send if your store is eligible or if you follow certain shipping guidelines. Of course, the dimensions of the shipment are also limited. Perishable items are materials that can deteriorate by post, such as live animals, food and plants. These items must be specially packed and emailed to arrive before they start to deteriorate. In most countries, however, the dispatch of alcohol, drugs and tobacco is prohibited, some countries have imposed restrictions that allow only a certain amount to be shipped.

Liquid mercury is a hazardous substance that produces toxic fumes when exposed to air and causes mercury poisoning when vapors are inhaled. Older thermometers, blood pressure monitors and barometers, which often contain liquid mercury, can be damaged or broken during the shipping process. The item is never worth sending the threat of a serious illness or injury caused by exposure to a leaking mercury pack. Perfume containing alcohol cannot be shipped internationally or emailed nationally with air travel. However, alcohol-containing perfumes can be shipped by ground transportation to the United States.

Most countries have laws that protect their cultural assets. Art / artifacts / antiquities; Archaeological and ethnological material are also terms used to describe this material. These laws include export controls and / or national property of cultural property.

Even if you buy from a company in the country of origin or in another country, the legal ownership of such devices may be questioned if you bring it to the United States. All prohibited national items may also not be shipped internationally. However, some items that should not be shipped internationally can be shipped nationwide, with some restrictions. Post finances this expedition, except that the employee finances additional shipping costs if necessary; see 14 FAH-4 H-255.4 for procedures.

In general, herbs, vinegar, oils, packaged herbs, honey, coffee and tea are allowed. Since rice can often contain insects, it is best to prevent it from being brought to the United States. Some imported foods are also subject to the requirements of the U.S. It is worth noting that anything that is prohibited in national shipping is also prohibited from being international. However, some limited items for international shipping can be shipped within the US. Authorities monitor such products closely; require special means of transport not supplied by USPS

While shipped nationwide with USPS, there are certain shipping restrictions. Let’s take a look at the maximum weight you can send with certain USPS shipping companies Like any other carrier, USPS shipping gửi hàng đi anh restrictions follow the principle of preventing uncontrolled and unregistered deliveries of potentially harmful items. There are certain prohibited items that we will not ship due to laws or regulations.