If you import potentially harmful products, you will not only deal with government agencies such as the CPSC that process them, but you will eventually also have to deal with the requirements of the end customer. The bottom line is that importing from Vietnam to the United States is a gray area. While most products are simple and can be imported without over-analysis rules, you should still know the general requirements of your industry gửi hàng đi mỹ if you are having problems and customs agents need additional documentation. In accordance with Vietnamese regulations, companies wishing to import or export goods must meet specific requirements and comply with certain rules. For example, some things cannot be exported as petroleum or petroleum products. In addition, they now allow imports of goods such as cigarettes, tobacco, newspapers, newspapers, airplanes and also oil.

The provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article do not apply to imports of products for immediate or final consumption when used by public authorities and not for resale or use in the production of goods for sale. With regard to such imports, each Party shall grant fair and equitable trade to the other Party. Apart from all the fanfare and praise for the new status of world trade in Vietnam, there are still some issues that could eventually lead to a new revision of the USTR. Striking, and what the customs authorities are looking at for Vietnam’s exports is the relocation of many factories from China to Vietnam in the past two years.

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world in geography, population and economy. Located in the northern part of the American continent, the territory crosses it completely. Explain why the United States has large coasts in the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. The country is home to the 5 largest ports in America according to the American Association of Port Authorities .

Ordinary tax rates apply to goods originating in countries, groups of countries or territories that do not apply the most preferred national treatment of special preferences to the import tax on Vietnam. Ordinary tax rates will not be more than 70 percent higher than government-specified preferential tax rates. According to Vietnamese customs, Companies that regularly export and import exactly the same products within a certain period of time can use a single customs declaration form to carry out the relevant customs procedures if the products are listed under the same purchase and sales contract and are delivered within the specified delivery time. The customs declaration can be submitted electronically here. In practice, companies wishing to import into Vietnam without establishing a local legal entity can use a registered importer to facilitate the process.

Each Party shall ensure that its state-owned companies provide national and more favorable treatment to the secured investments when supplying their goods or services, subject to the provisions of point 4.3 of Annex H Each Party will encourage and facilitate the holding of commercial promotional events, such as fairs, exhibitions, missions and seminars in its territory and in the territory of the other Party. Likewise, each Party will encourage and facilitate the participation of their respective nationals and companies in such events. Subject to the laws in force in their respective territories, the Parties agree to authorize the import and re-export of all items for use at such events, provided that such items are not sold or otherwise transferred. A service provider of a party that is a legal person incorporated in accordance with the laws of a party to an agreement referred to in paragraph 1, is entitled to treatment accorded under that Agreement, provided that it participates in substantive commercial activities in the territory of the parties to that agreement. Most goods imported or exported in Vietnam and crossing borders or passing between the domestic market and the non-tariff area are subject to import and export duties.