From the basic look of the film to the floating look of the eyeliner, we covered it with the best look of the rock eye liner with its make-up style. If you have hooded eyes, there are some makeup application techniques that can really help them appear. Read on for eyebrow tips, eyeshadow and linings that will strengthen the shape of your eyes. Do you miss a natural fold in the middle of your eyelid??

Bend resistant and waterproof eye linings are great options for making makeup on the top lash line. A good oil-based gelding remains silent even in the eyes with a hood. Don’t forget to focus on the outside eye, because here you can see most of your art. My eyes are hooded and often overcompensated to make my wing more visible by taking it to my temples.

Another common shadow error made by many is with a highlighter. Using a small brush and standing directly under the eyebrow bone is all you need to do if your eyes have a hood. Many people take a spongy brush and place too much high under the eyebrow leg and on the hood, removing any shade needed to make that hood look sunk. When the most pronounced part of the hood stands out, it emphasizes the eyes with a hood and drags the eye further down. Make sure to apply a heavier hand on the outside and gradually lighten as you move inside your eye. Feel free to bend your fold, taking into account that a rounder edge will make your eyes bigger with a hood.

If you’re curious how makeup artists improve the shape of a hooded eye, this list is a great place to start. At the end of the day, you can wear any face you deserve, but accentuating the structure of your personal lid can make it look like you. If you have big eyes with hooded lids, consider the line tight. Use a lining on the waterline instead of using an eyeliner to define the external shape of the eye. Better yet, you can raise your eyes by squeezing the top waterline. It continues easily and is not scratched with irregular pigments.

Many experts recommend sticking to matte eyeshadow with a hood. If you wear a clear eyeshadow, avoid placing it in your eye fold. permanent eyeliner Instead, apply it only to the visible cap for a “lift” effect. Create a balanced look on your top hood with light, dark tones.

I can’t bypass makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, based in Instagram, New York without wanting to highlight every bright, graphic and dreamy makeup look she places. One of his companies in particular is as practical as it is stunning. He came up with a brilliant winged eyeliner trick for those of us with hooded eyes.

What we like most about this specific liquid coating is the easy removal with warm water. It is also stain-free and transfer-resistant and a single application lasts 24 hours straight. While every eye shape, from almond eyes to dull eyes, is beautiful, each has specific needs for different make-up looks. When you have hooded eyes, certain looks can be particularly difficult to master, including smoky eyes and winged eyeliner. And while there are so many beautiful eye makeup looks, not all of them complement their unique hooded eyelids. But if you would like to put on your eyes with a hood, we have you covered!