But this can lead to wrinkles and scratched makeup. Apply the base makeup in thin layers and “hard” for a natural looking makeup that lasts a long time. Use a larger nipple brush to apply the base and do not drag the product through your skin. They tend to be less pastel and the bright effect is always an advantage.

Also keep your fingers off your face with regularly washed brushes and sponges. Translucent matt powder offers another barrier against oily skin. Pour a small amount of powder into the lid of the make-up container. Shake a kabuki brush or dust brush in the lid until all the powder disappears. To apply a thin layer of matt finishing powder to the base, move the brush in large circles from the inside of the face to the outside of the face. If you are going to use the base, now is the right time.

If you only need to cover a specific area, use a thick, creamy corrector with a sticky consistency to detect concealment where necessary. Makeup artists also propose to apply foundation with a dot, in fast movements that do not drag the product. Pure coverage can prevent your makeup from looking thick and too layered. One of the most useful summer makeup tips for oily skin is to always be prepared. In the summer heat, there will certainly be times when you have to touch your fabric and deal with the shine that starts to appear. If you don’t want a compact powder with you, take a small dry paper book with you.

Combine it with a waterproof concealer, such as the infallible full-loar corrector L’Oréal Paris Waterproof, full coverage, to hide unwanted stains. If you have oily skin, you want to find eyebrow permanent tattoo a base with a matte finish, such as the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. It is best to avoid everything with a radiant finish, because your skin may look too greasy.

“How to treat oily skin, distinguish facial skin types, apply makeup and makeup suitable for use on oily skin.” The mineral or powder base may be a good option for oily skin, but sometimes it can be pastel over time. Using an oil-free liquid base on an oil-reducing primer provides the best, most durable coverage.

You might think that applying your thickly layered concealer and base is the best way to keep fat at bay, but in reality the opposite is true. The thick layers of make-up make the skin look pale and unnatural and reduce the chance that it will remain on your skin for so long. Instead, apply makeup to thin, transparent layers, using a BEAUTY BAY wet makeup sponge in gentle transfer movements to press the products on your skin instead of cleaning them. Even if you configure your face before applying the base, you can reconfigure it when you’re done!

If you can, avoid the oil base in the ingredient list. A matte primer is a great option if you tend to have a problem with makeup, especially foundation, that slips off your face. You wear this after you have been moistened, but before you put on another make-up. It works well to keep the oil at bay and create a smooth, matte base on which you can build your makeup look. You can even use it only for a natural “no makeup” look.

Make sure the powder sint matches the basic tone for a natural look. What you do before applying makeup is just as important, if not more, than finding the right formula and tone for the basics. Keeping your skin hydrated and using an oil-controlled matte finish primer is key to long-term wear. Believe us, it’s the difference between a boring complexion and having to update your T-zone every 30 minutes in the office bathroom. By applying a matte primer before your makeup helps absorb oils all day long. Make sure to use it wherever you apply makeup, including your eyelids.