Crystals have been used for various purposes for thousands of years… and over the past 30 years, people have used them for treatment. I first got to know the power of crystals in a crystal workshop, where I learned:

how you can use crystals to convert energy to the area in which you live or work
that you can form crystals with a certain vibration
crystal removal method
When what crystals to use… And
where you don’t have to use your crystals
It totally fascinated me and caught my attention… so after the seminar I started an experiment. And I highly recommend that you do so. Experiment with everything I share with you. Turn it into what you have and what you can really relate to.

I’ve found that this is really the case… different crystals have different vibrations and give different results. One of the crystals I really enjoy working with is the amethyst crystal.

Perhaps magenta and purple contribute to spiritual development … and I found that when I held the crystal amethyst in my hand, I could get into kingdoms I didn’t even know I had. I have deeply researched my psyche … I encourage you to explore your spiritual well-being with this crystal.

Amethyst crystal cleans water

I also found that by placing a crystal amethyst in a jug… instead of purifying our water with the water purification process by placing tiny amethyst crystals in a jug, we clean our water.

There was an alchemical process in which all chlorine and flavoring from untreated tap water (which can be quite unpleasant)… extracted from the water, and drinking it was very pleasant.

In this way, we have been cleaning the water for about 25 years.

Patterned crystals

One of the things I’ve experienced – and that’s what you can do too – is to hold the crystal in my hand and imagine that the absolutely perfect vibration for the crystal owner will descend from the sky through my body. Physical and that vibration would excite the crystal so that the owner of the crystal would feel the influence of this vibration.

Interestingly, my client lived in a place where panic and depression were on the verge of her existence, and she felt that she was taking possession of it, and sometimes she felt insecure and insecure.

I used a raw crystal of pink quartz and vibrated the activated crystal with safety, protection and love… Overwhelming love … like when you connect with the divine flow — and you feel this overwhelming love for God. I connected to this vibration by holding the crystals. I formed 2 crystals for her… she put one in her house and the other in her purse to make her feel safe and secure.

She felt that vibration as soon as she walked in the door. And if her handbag wasn’t there when she was gone, she’d feel the separation of that protective energy.

Amplified crystal changed lives

What does that mean? The vibration of the crystal that you love and its presence nearby are of great importance to you and your sensations. Try it today.

For now… there was another woman I advised to see a doctor about the bowel. She said, “Julie, I don’t have a problem with my instincts.” I told her I felt very strongly that this was what she had to do.

She said: “No … I don’t need to, but I’ll ask you to create a crystal for me.” She sent the crystal around the country, and I held the crystal, inserted the pattern and sent it back.

As soon as she opened the bag and took her crystal, she felt an irresistible desire to call her doctor and make an appointment for a bowel check. She was shocked by the result.

Although I did not put in her crystal conscious vibration that inspired her to do so … she received a vibration that came to her intuitively, and it turned out that she had rectal cancer. If she hadn’t gone to the doctor when she came, there was little they could do for her, and as a result she could have undergone surgery and lived longer.

That’s the power of this superb transmission equipment. And… if you can experiment, use crystals and become sensitive to them, you will like the results you will get.

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