Crystals can magically improve and improve any area of your life. From simple relaxation techniques to treating health problems or even discovering past lives! When you find a crystal or when the crystal finds you, you must first clean and charge your crystal. There are several ways to do this. Here are a few options listed under the main sign to which they correspond.

WATER Natural water: sea, stream, waterfall, river. Keep the crystal in the water and let it rinse. Some crystals, such as talcum powder, can become weak and damage them.

Salt water: cold water and sea salt in equal parts. Some crystals cannot be placed directly in salt water (e.g. opals). This can damage the structure of the crystal, change the finish or change the color of the crystal. You can also place the crystal in a small bowl of water and then place this bowl in a bowl with salt so that the salt surrounds the crystal without direct contact with the salt.

YOU can bury the crystal in the garden or in a pot and leave it for 24 hours. If you buried it in the yard, be sure to mark the place so it can be found and make sure the animals don’t dig it up.

Crystal Cluster: Place your crystal overnight on a “piece” or “cluster” of transparent quartz or amethyst. You can also use a small glass bowl with rolled-up gematite stones. Also leave overnight.

Rice: Place the crystal in a small glass bowl with organic raw rice. Bury the crystal in rice for 24 hours. Then discard the rice when you’re done.

FIRE Candle Flame: Take the crystal and quickly pass it through the candle flame, or you can surround the crystal with tea lights and let it burn until they all go out.

AIR incense: light incense (try sage or lavender). Hold the crystal and let it slide through the smoke. Use your hand or pen to direct the smoke to and through the crystal.

Smearing: Just like incense, light wand and whiff, swipe the crystal through the smoke. Also use a hand or pen. Sage is also recommended.

Once you have rid the crystal of all negative energies, you need to recharge it. To do this, simply take the crystal in hand, visualizing all the negative energy coming out of the crystal, watch as the dark fog drifts or dissolves, and fill the crystal with bright white light. See how it fills the entire crystal, and imagine that it emits only pure positive energy. Think of the crystal in your “spiritual eye” as pure, pure and positively charged. Now your crystal is ready to use.

There are many ways to use crystals to improve your life and make it more powerful. They can be worn as in jewelry, and I’m not talking about expensive diamonds and rubies. You will find beautiful crystals for almost nothing, and if you are a creative person, you can even make your own decorations. You can carry crystals with you in your pocket or purse for personal protection, place them all over the house to remove the negative and maintain a happy home. You can meditate with them, guess with them and even diagnose and treat your own health problems with crystals. Crystals can do amazing things, and if you let them, they can change your life forever!

Is crystals your first time? Are you looking for different and interesting ways to clean or charge crystals? Discover the power of the four elements! You can clean your crystals with earth, air, water and fire! Do you want to be able to detect and treat your own health problems? Ever wanted to know who you were in your past life? Want to make a meditative journey to the heart of the crystal? Start your adventure with the power of earth, air, water and fire and let them change your life forever.

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