In fact, there are studies that show that happier workers are 20% more productive than their unhappy colleagues. The simpler your work, the happier and more productive an employee will be. Being a valued employee not only offers you better job security, but also opens up career opportunities for you. The way to become vital for the company is to be more efficient, better educated and better trained in their professional functions. Employees should always find ways to increase their value to the company so as not to be replaced by newer employees with more advanced skills.

Microsoft’s extensive documentation is written for everyday users. Excellent training resources and dozens of excellent books make learning easier, and for us, learning never stops. Excel is one of the best software programs on the market and for this reason it is a standard requirement in most companies. Whether you are new to Excel or already have experience, there will always be something new to learn. You will never get bored working with Excel, but you will often be amazed by Excel Power and what you learn about it.

If you learn to format cells in large quantities, you will save a lot of time and look efficient and at the top of your game. This may seem like a very basic Excel skill to some, but if you don’t know how to work with data filters, you need to develop this skill to stand out from the crowd. If you know how to use data filters, you can always sort, hide and search for important information in a table. If you want to learn from Alex’s modeling experience, this online course will be a real pleasure for you.

The power of IF functions goes beyond simple true and false statements. With the COUNT IF function, Excel can count how many times a word or number occurs in any range of cells. First, select the group of cells in which you want to use conditional formatting. Then select “Conditional Formatting” from the Start menu and select your logic from the drop-down menu. (You can also create your own rule if you want something different.) A window will appear asking you to specify more information about the formatting rule.

Many great programmers have created useful applications that humanity greatly appreciates and uses. It’s probably something you’re familiar with, but if you’re not, stop reading and join the Microsoft Excel courses now. Well, if you are familiar with using Excel, then you probably know the why, but did you know that you can do much more with it than it seems?

Motivate your employees, make them learn and produce efficiently by using advanced Excel training to improve their daily work. Yes, Excel is a little more difficult to learn than Google Sheets because it has more features. Both applications will be a challenge for beginners who do not know anything about advanced excel course singapore spreadsheets. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea to learn Excel because it has more features that make it better for statistical and data analysis, such as conditional formatting. Excel can be a difficult tool to master if you are a beginner and have no experience with data or spreadsheets.

As a standalone online course, this is one of the best Excel courses for finance. Deals with topics such as pivot tables, Excel charts, conditional formatting, charts and data manipulation. These are indispensable skills for every serious Excel user working in the financial industry. This online course is by far Ken’s most popular course, and for good reason. It is full of practical tips and tricks about Excel formulas, functions and macros. It starts with the basics of using Excel – the interface, the basic functions, sorting and filtering data.