Millions of people around the world have learned about the Law of Attraction since the book was published and the film “The Secret” was released. In this article, I will talk about the basics of the Law of Attraction and tell you another secret: how to bring even stronger results into your life, using quartz crystals to enhance the process of manifestation promised by the Law of Attraction.

Your thoughts define your life
In short, the Law of Attraction states that the reality we experience in our lives – our measure of happiness, success, love, and abundance – is determined by our thoughts and emotions. Whatever you focus on in your thoughts, whether good or bad, is increasingly part of your life, which we call manifestation.

The event takes place in 3 stages. These stages, expressed in different ways, are used in many of the coaching systems available on the market, and in other personal development, well-being and success programs:

o STEP 1. Your desire takes the form of your specific intentions, dreams and goals.
o STEP 2: The universe hears your call and keeps your desire for you in the field of potential.
o STEP 3: You are internally adjusting to a higher frequency that allows for the desired manifestation in your life.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these steps, and then I’ll teach you how to use quartz crystals to improve the display process.

Turn 3 stages of the event into action

STEP 1: Specify what you want. We have so many desires and desires that we constantly send, but they must be formed in a certain way; otherwise they are random and do not have focused energy. Fulfilling your wishes is like looking at Google: to get the desired result, make your request very clear and accurate. If you Google “home,” you’ll get 1.3 billion views! It’s too vague. If you enter the query “house, two-story, Maui, green, less than 500,000 dollars,” you will get much less results if you narrow down the target. The thoughts and requests you send to the universe must be extremely focused and specific. Visualize the desired result, the purpose it serves, its exact qualities and the time when you reach it.

STEP 2: Believe me, the universe has heard your request. The second step takes place without your awareness, so you have nothing to worry about. Rest assured that the universe will contribute to accept and retain your stated intentions as opportunities.

STEP 3: Set a higher frequency. The third step is the work you have to do to get what you want. I repeat: everything you focus on will attract attention in your life. If you focus on a problem that is very boring to you, that’s what you’re joining – the negative energy of the problem, not what you want, instead of the problem.

Problems inevitably make us feel bad. When you decide to focus on these bad feelings, you give them more energy. Fortunately, you can consciously focus on the solution or what you want to bring into your life, not the problem. If you do this, you will immediately notice that your inner state is transformed into more positive feelings. This opens your mind to a stream of ideas and solutions. You’ll soon feel that you’ve handled the problem instead of demystifying it.

Therefore, it is vital to develop a habit of constantly controlling your inner state and adjusting your thoughts and feelings so that they are THE RIGHT your intentions, rather than counteracting them. Positive thoughts and feelings fuel your true desires. If you learn this habit of observing and adapting, immediately replacing positive thoughts with negative ones, you will find that in general you feel good and able to overcome all obstacles with perseverance.

Using crystals to align
In addition to its incredible beauty, crystals have metaphysical properties that can be used in many fantastic ways to improve their lives. The most attractive of these qualities is the ability of crystals to store information for you and serve as the center of your intentions and prayers.

The crystal is like a computer chip in which you can store information. In fact, the computer chip is made of silicon, which is the main ingredient of quartz crystals.

Physical properties of quartz crystal
The quartz is the most common crystal found in the world. It consists of silicon dioxide, one of the most common compounds in the Earth’s crust.

It forms hexagonal crystals that change color from the milk base to the transparent point. It usually grows in groups and is often found in combination with other minerals.

Metaphysical properties and use of quartz crystals
The crystal quartz is very pure and translucent in its appearance and is therefore a manifestation of light and clarity in the material kingdom. It symbolizes our desire for perfection in our inner growth and the elevation of our consciousness to higher levels.

Astrologically crystalline quartz represents the properties of the Sun (light) and Saturn (crystallization). It is the perfect stone that will guide you into a life-affirming light, lift you to a more positive inner state, calm your mind and help you focus on what is important to you.

The quartz crystals can be used in the following ways:

o The quartz crystal used in meditation will help you calm and relax your mind. The ideal structure and location of the crystal have a unique ability to deepen your meditation.
o You can use the quartz crystal to store your prayers, thoughts and feelings, as well as improve your conformity to your visions.
o The quartz crystal placed in front of your computer screen and on your hard drive will help protect you from the electrics.

How to clean and empty the crystal from old vibrations
Before you can properly use the crystal, it needs to be cleaned to remove all the old vibrations it has caught on its way to you. They would disrupt your exchange of positive energy with the crystal. You want the crystal to be clean and empty for your own purposes.

You can create a purification ritual using all four elements: earth, fire, water and air. I prefer the following method that uses air:

  1. You sit down with a crystal in your hand and allow your ear to calm down, inhale and exhale.
  2. Take your other hand over the crystal and feel the energy field between your hands.
  3. Exhale sharply and visualize old traces of residual energy that are flowing out of the crystal.

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