It’s always refreshing to take a bike ride along the picturesque waterway at Intracoastal Park. As you ride, views of the lush green landscape, inspired sculptors along the trail, and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean will be etched in your memory to remember. The park has picnic benches, seating, and bike racks that allow you to take breaks as you descend the trail.

The best time to visit would be late at night to catch the sunset or early in the morning when the crowds arrive. Take a stroll through Newport Fishing Pier on Sunny Isles Boulevard and Collins Avenue in Pier Park. This historic site was originally built in 1982 and has long been a popular destination for fishermen and tourists. While the original pier was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma in 2005, it has been rebuilt to 766 feet that juts out into the beautiful aquamarine water. You’ll find the kitschy Beach Bar for dining right on the pier overlooking the water, which serves a delicious selection of fresh seafood and craft cocktails. It’s the only public fishing pier in Miami-Dade County, so soak up the salty atmosphere with a bite to eat at Sunny Isles Beach.

Be in the crowd for everything from a UFC fight to a country music concert at the BBC&T Centre. Or attend a smaller event at one of Sunny Isles’ many local locations, such as the one in downtown Hollywood or along the wide boardwalk. Travel 20 miles north of Miami and then head to the coast and you’ll discover the idyllic coastal community of Sunny Isles Beach.

Timo is an iconic sunny restaurant on Isles Beach that has been serving an exclusive mix of Italian-Mediterranean cuisine since 2003. Chef Tim Andriola specialises in wood-fired pizzas, delicious pastas, fresh seafood and fine steaks. There’s even a vegetable tasting menu for vegetarian dinners with items like the Sicilian agrodolce of eggplants with pine nuts, raisins and chickpea puree. For party carnivores, you can’t go wrong with pizza topped with slow-roasted short rib, wild mushrooms and fontina or Maine lobster cavatelli. The menu is constantly changing, so there’s always something new and exciting to try.

The view, the food and the atmosphere make this place a must-see if you are looking for a good place to eat on the beach. Oleta River State Park is Florida’s largest urban park at just over 1,000 acres and offers a real escape from the city. You’ll find a nature trail that’s perfect for a leisurely stroll, as well as a beach, picnic pavilions, and a fishing area. From outdoor adventures to art museums and historic sites, choose your own adventure from the many great attractions. Visitors to Greater Miami and Miami Beach will discover a world of exciting attractions, from the natural wonders of our parks to postcard-worthy architecture. Creating your perfect itinerary means choosing from the almost endless variety of attractive options.

This 5-hectare park in the city features a stage, a butterfly garden, a playground with a water fountain and a meeting room. Sunny Isles Beach Water Sports offers all the facilities and activities to practice water sports during your trip to Sunny Isles Beach. Samson Oceanfront Park also has a boardwalk and benches where you can sit and have a quiet time while enjoying the beautiful views of the beach. This city is full of life because of its beautiful beaches, rich cultural diversity, a good dose of entertainment. MiamiWalking through biscayne Bay from Miami Beach, you’ll find downtown Miami. You’ll see the high-rise Sunny Isles Condos and dazzling skyscrapers long before you get here.