In the first part of this article, we got to know the crystal skulls and told a little bit of history. However, we haven’t talked much about the various theories that have been expressed about their origin or why crystal skulls seem to attract or retain special frequencies of energies that have a profound effect on each person they encounter. Finally, to illustrate the functioning of crystal skulls, I will put some personal experiences from my 27-year existence into what I call “Crystal Friends.” I hope that this and other articles we are about to write will help people understand what a crystal skull is and why it is vital for the future of all humanity.

That’s an area that I haven’t touched on and which I think can help our readers (I mean, I’m always interested when I’m studying a new topic, so I have to assume that some of you will do it too), which is why people are involved in the creation of crystal skulls, which is not your usual thing. Not only are they passionate and passionate, but they are ready to spend almost half of their lives. So let’s start here.

Imagine it’s April 1983, and you’re only 28 years old. At this stage of your life, you go on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and a journey of faith. You have no idea where you are going, how long you will stay and what will happen to you in the near future, but you are convinced that this is the right way.

Then you visit the Metaphysical Bookstore in San Jose, California, opposite the Rosicruc Park. You are here to see the owner Francoise, who is a good friend (perhaps even your mother in a past life), and, by chance, one of her sons had the same birthday as you. Francoise shares a photo of a remarkable artifact – a quartz skull made of amethyst, the size of a young man’s skull. Looking at this photo, you will recognize this object in yourself – but why, how and when, you do not know. Then, when you look at the picture, you feel an internal earthquake within yourself – your body is shaking strongly inside (rather than outside) – what is the reason? Then, maybe after 15 or 20 minutes, the table where the photo is shown also starts shaking violently.

In any case, this sequence of (predetermined?) events evokes the inner realization that crystal skulls are very, very important for the future of humanity, and you should not just see this skull. Especially in person (which you do a few days later and really feel their energy and drive), but you need to look for others in any way and share the best information you can gather. Who would ask for such a job? Who would agree to such a job (salary is not always the best), but that’s what happened to me, and since then it’s a job for life.

Of course, as we said before, we have many modern sculptors who mostly use tools with diamond tips that make crystal skulls not only from quartz crystal (which is a material of fairly high hardness and which is not easy to cut), but also many others. types of gemstones. Thus, crystal skulls appear everywhere. But older skulls, some of which we mentioned in Part I of this article, are unavailable. But in Mexico alone in recent years literally appeared more than a hundred (including several hollow skulls) across the country, so the discovery of these hidden skulls began. It’s as if someone has flicked a switch since the mid-1990s and is now literally flooding new skulls every day.

Speaking of Mexico. In 2009 I had the opportunity to visit there twice. The first time I met maestro Rosales, a famous monumentalist. He loves American mesa artifacts (Maya, Aztecs, Tolteks), not only for their collection, but also for their protection. Because he is so loved in Mexico, the government allows him to keep these artifacts (for which he wants to create a museum) until he takes them out of the country. And of course, when I arrived, I saw five crystal skulls that he had, three were hollow and one was a large transparent quartz (human) skull, all of which were found in the ground. Also during this March visit, I met a well-known journalist Jaime Mossan, who is known for his reporting on UFO activities in Mexico, but Elder Maussan had his own crystal skull (found during excavations to build the foundation of the building).

The second visit to Mexico (Mexico) was related to a conference on the crystal skull, which was moderated by a friend of mine, where I had the opportunity to perform. Again, the conference participants brought crystal skulls – incredible crystal skulls that we’ve never seen before, people bought in stores or let their loved ones pass them on. Some of these skulls were intricately carved and processed with symbols carved on stone, while others were primitive or hollow.

But let’s move on to some of the theories discussed in the world of crystal skulls as to how and by whom some of the older crystal skulls (which have very small details in their design and generate a lot of kilobyte of energy) are possible. Atlantis seems to be a common point of origin. We heard about 13 great temples that existed in different parts of Atlantis, and perhaps each temple contained a crystal skull that functioned like an oracle. By this we mean that if you perform a meditation with a skull, it can give you great wisdom or awaken knowledge buried deep in our subconscious. Healing is also spoken of by people who have memories from past lives about working with crystal skulls in the temples of Atlantis. Either the healer will hold or touch the crystal skull, then put his hands on the area of the body where the person is experiencing pain, or even physically placing the person next to the crystal skull, activating the skull with color/light/them. sound, and then the energy radiated from the skull, would completely eliminate any disease or physical problem.

As for some ideas about how crystal skulls of those distant times could have been made in the past, here are a few thoughts:

(a) Maybe some laser cutting system was used on a large quartz block to which the computer was shaped?

b) Were the skulls donated to Atlantis by galactic civilization?

c) Has the power of the mind (or highly developed race) been used to turn a bone into quartz or by some technology that we do not have today and cannot even imagine?

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