A more minimized appearance of fine wrinkles and uneven pigmentation occurs after repeated exfoliations. However, people who are pregnant, have active cold sores, infections, allergies to the scale or who are currently using Accutane should wait for a chemical shell. A chemical peel, also known as chexfoliation or dermapeling, uses a chemical solution to improve the appearance of your skin. This treatment applies a chemical solution to your skin, causing trauma or injury to the skin layers. The skin layers eventually peel off and reveal a more youthful skin. The new skin is generally softer with fewer lines and wrinkles, has a more uniform color and is brighter in skin.

Deep strength difference is not recommended for someone with heart problems or for patients with freckles or dark skin due to the bleaching nature of the process. Medium strength chemical scrubs can facials lisle be safely performed in patients with olive to light brown skin tones. For patients with dark brown skin tones, there is a small risk of discoloration, which will be discussed with your supplier.

Phenol is especially useful for minimizing vertical lines that often form around the mouth due to aging. Deep exfoliations take longer to complete and leave a healing cortex on the skin that must be covered with protective ointment and limited to sun exposure. There is a burning sensation, but it is slightly lit because the solution also acts as an anesthetic. Phenol often has a significant whitening effect and you may need to wear makeup to make the treated areas of your skin more in line with the skin color of the surrounding areas. A chemical peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of a patient’s skin on a patient’s face, neck or hand by applying, exfoliating and eventually releasing a chemical solution directly to the skin.

From there, your skin starts to bleach and you may feel a slight itch while the solution is on your skin. Alpha hydroxy acids or AHA are natural substances derived from food. Citric acid, for example, is found in citrus and lactic acid is found in acidic milk. AHA is useful for treating uneven skin color, scars, hyperpigmentation and acne. A light chemical shell (“lunchtime”) provides a subtle improvement over time and is often done in a series.

There are less aggressive treatments for patients with dark skin types that can be recommended to reduce the risks of hyperpigmentation. To optimize results after a chemical peel, there are a few things patients can do to improve results. The first is to prevent sun exposure until the day of your shell, tanned or sun-burned skin will not heal properly and your procedure can be canceled.