TUTCO stores many standard cartridge heaters with a maximum coverage temperature of 1000 ° F (538 ° C). Double voltage and three-phase options are available in selected diameters. TUTCO engineers can work with you to design and manufacture custom cartridge / heating solutions in multiple shapes, lengths, connectors and with distributed or zoned powers. Good heat control is an essential part of the treatment of patients in the medical field.

Cartridge heaters are generally used to heat a metal block from the inside and can be custom made with a specific watt density according to the application requirements. The types and types of lead cables vary depending on the conditions under which the cartridge heater will be used. The lead cable provides the electrical connection of the cartridge heater. Because lead cable is Mica Band Heaters For Sale essential for smooth and efficient operation of the cartridge heater, it is carefully selected to meet the application and conditions. The table below gives a brief description of the lead cables of the cartridge with their temporary classification and qualities. NPH produces a variety of special square cartridge heaters for many common and specialized heating applications.

They are designed to last longer and perform better than any other brand name pattern heater in industrial and laboratory applications. The resistant construction offers high dielectric resistance, as well as resistance to shock and vibration. Die-cut mounting: The NPT threaded tube accessory is welded in silver or welded directly to the cartridge heating hood for immersion applications, available in stainless steel or brass. Glass-insulated lead cables emerge from the cement pot at high temperature. 3/4 “cold is required for mounting. Epoxy & Epoxylite® available for moisture applications. Other lead options are available. Right corner armored cable – The stainless steel flexible armored cable over fiberglass insulated lead cables comes perpendicular from the cartridge heating cover.

Although the stove itself can withstand very high temperatures, the cable and the connection to the mounting cable cannot. The lead cable in our standard cartridge heater has a capacity of 482 ° F or 842 ° F, depending on power and voltage. The density of watts can vary to compensate for the heat loss of the process.” Special filling methods and equipment compact the magnesium oxide in and around the coil of resistance to extreme density. By continuing to swing, magnesium oxide is practically compacted to maximum density, providing high dielectric strength and efficient internal heat conduction.

Application to midwatt densities: The G-235 curve in the application guidelines shows the maximum allowable watt density for different settings and operating temperatures. However, the vast majority of applications do not require a maximum of W / In 2. Take advantage of the safety margin provided by using classifications below the maximum allowed. Select and select spatial heaters for the most uniform heat pattern instead of the highest possible power per stove.