In the summer of 2019 I was able to travel through Scandinavia for a few weeks with a small truck . I slept partly in the back of the car and partly in a small tent. The first weeks I stayed in an ordinary camp, but the last part of my holiday I only camped somewhere in the desert. In some places there were other camping pitches, often young, but even some at my age (over 60).

This can also quickly increase the cost of your camping trip. If you are looking for a camp stove, our recommendation is the option of Camping Chef. Compact and lightweight, it is still big enough to prepare a party for the whole family. To prepare your meal for a camping trip, first create a detailed menu with all meals and snacks. Consider whether it will be more effective to bring fresh food, prepackaged items or lyophilized food, and how much of each food you need.

Well, I drove there to see it and actually left it there. I was not 100% ready to make this trip because I didn’t have all my equipment with me to camp. Still, I had 2 weeks before I had to go home, and my brothers threw themselves there. Anyway, I drove from Gatesville Texas to Bryce Canyon Utah … Making ultra-light exchanges means extra costs from the start. That said, you get a lot of flexibility and convenience in your travel style, especially if you like camp trips at the destination.

Since this is your first camping trip, or the first in a while, I will recommend camping in a car. Compared to a human-driven adventure, driving your car makes you feel more comfortable and easier and at lower transmission costs. You can increase your challenge level by choosing a more remote location and planning fun day trips outside the camp. It feels very good to come back from a challenging walk or walk and enjoy a good and easy dinner, a cold beer and a comfortable night outside.

These principles can be applied anywhere from remote wilderness areas to local parks, to Under30Experiences hiking and camping trips. The basis you need is a tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pillows, flashlight and a camping stove. When you’re used to the backpacker, the car camp feels luxurious, because the air is the limit when it comes to making your sleeping area more comfortable. If you have all that extra space that a car offers, you can bring your largest and most beautiful shop and your most comfortable air mattress.