In addition, it is also vital to note that flags use the red tone which is slightly brighter than the color we usually see. So if someone uses black and red flags, we can easily say that they are a fan of punk rock music. The meaning behind the flag is more than the number of stars or the color of the stripes. The American flag is rich in symbolism thanks to the history of our nation. For example, the flag symbolizes such important feelings as freedom, justice, justice and the sacrifices of all brave men and women who fight and die to protect the country.

The Fourteenth Star leads African Americans into the future with honor, truth, and the dream of a better future. The Green Stripes remind us of our living land and the roots of all humanity buried deep in African soil. The yellow stripes symbolize the moral excellence and spiritual richness of African Americans as they interact with all of America’s different cultures.

With the help of illustrator Lisa Jeanna, the Juneteenth flag was created in 1977 by activist Ben Haith, founder of the National Juneteenth Celebration Foundation. The red, white and blue color scheme is a direct tribute to both the American flag and the Texas flag. Divided between a blue and a red stripe, the two colors are meant to replicate a horizon.

These flags are different from the “Thin Blue Line” flag, which has also increased in popularity in recent years, but has a single blue stripe and is otherwise completely black and white. The meaning of an black American Flag does not seem to have an established definition at this time. Enemy troops often use black flags to indicate that they will not be overturned. That means that in times of war, enemy combatants will be killed instead of captured.

In Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, after a white police officer fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, protesters took to the streets. Floating from the plethora of posters denouncing police brutality and pleas for justice, the stars and stripes waved in the colors red, black and green. “I can’t stand art, actually never, never art,” he told an art historian in 1986. From the moment the country was created, the American flag represents national pride.

According to an online archive catalog, the 13-stripe flag was developed in 1989 in South Central L.A. It is believed to be a private company. One could argue that the 13 stripes represent america’s original colonies or the 13th amendment abolishing slavery. Like other flags, the red, black and green colors reflect Garvey’s pan-African ideology. Yellow or gold stripes can represent the wealth of blacks, or gold from African mines. It represents our country’s commitment to freedom and justice for all. Red stood for blood, both the blood shed by Africans who died in their struggle for liberation and the shared blood of the African people.

However, despite its origins, this is not necessarily what the flag refers to today. So in 1818, Congress passed the 3rd of the three most important flag laws. But again, he didn’t specify in what pattern the stars should be arranged or how many points they should be on the star. Since the original flag law required 13 stripes and 13 stars to represent the 13 colonies, what do we do to mean the addition of two new states to the Union?

The flag has taken on important meaning for many Americans, even as others have created variations that symbolize other things that some Americans are proud of. That could be anything from your sexual orientation to your support for the various branches of the U.S. military. Today, the pan-African flag remains a symbol of political activism.