I’ve made the mistake of driving a few hours to a hike, only to find the trails closed for repair. Sometimes trail work or bad weather can change conditions. If you can’t get through to a human, check the park’s K2 Base Camp Trek Pakistan Twitter feed for closure information. Hikers line up to get a picture at the summit of Mission Peak, CA. Start early and avoid the crowds.First, I highly recommend that you start your hike as early as possible.

You can start by always keeping your downhill leg slightly bent on impact. This will help minimize stress on the knees, as the muscles rather than the joints take the brunt of the strain. ” Poles can help by redistributing some of the load to your arms and shoulders, thereby reducing strain on the lower body.

In fact in some parks, rubber tips are recommended or even required so as to protect sensitive trails, ecosystems, and historic areas. Additionally, rubber tips dampen the rhythmic clicking that is caused by trekking poles pounding hard ground which helps keep the natural environment quiet. I believe this story will give you expert tips on hiking with trekking poles that you will not find anywhere else. When traveling with trekking poles in your luggage, rubber tips are an easy way to reduce the likelihood of other gear being damaged by the hard metal or carbide tips. While the built-in metal or carbide tips of your trekking poles are replaceable, you can greatly extend the life of these parts by covering them with rubber tips.

And always, always do a last minute weather check before you go. It might mean you have to change your plans or even cancel, but it’s better than being caught out in a storm. Adding tip protectors is also a factor of safety and pole longevity.

Spend all your time out in the mud and dirt carbide is a better option. They slip/slide on rocks and leave ugly scratches all over the sidewalk. If you do a lot of hiking on hard sidewalks and roads I highly recommend buying a set of rubber tips.

Advanced hikers and trekkers often recommend to pack your sleeping bag first topped with your other heavier items, putting them closer to your back which helps distribute the weight to your hips. Items which you will be accessing during your trek like water and your jacket if it gets cold should be stored on top for easy access. As in every physical activity, it’s important that you know your limits. Don’t start off your first ever trek with a trail that’s too difficult.

I’d disregard the advice of those who unequivocally claims they are “necessary” for everyone. Personally, I’ll use a trekking pole if I’m hiking in snowy/icy terrain and/or on a trip that involves numerous challenging fords. Other than that, I rarely hike with poles and the only reason I’ll be carrying one is to set up my shelter at day’s end. These are nordic walking fitness hiking pole replacement tips designed to fit all the popular brands of trekking poles, including Montem Outdoor Gear and other major brands.