If you’re like me and tend to forget birthdays or dates in general, you’ve just learned how to fix this problem with automation and Google Sheets. It can also make how to find someone’s birthday time-based triggers, but we will discuss them in a future post. Let’s create a simple time-based trigger to automate the sending of birthday email memories.

Calling distant friends and family on their birthdays is fast becoming an outdated tradition. Nowadays people just leave an informal message, often copied from elsewhere, on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Even more difficult is the fact that it is difficult to remember all dates of birth of everyone you meet. You are always busy between work and hanging out with friends, it is difficult to keep up. But we also have to say that he is a bit distracted and forgetful and that when it comes to organizing trips, important appointments are often easy to confuse and forget.

Unlike the other birthday reminder apps on the list, the birthday countdown will track how long it takes for the big event to take place. The app has a nice interface and generally looks modern unlike other birthday reminder apps. The app can be downloaded for free, so check it out. Again, this is another “no brainer” app that can be used in birthday memories. Facebook already has most of your best friends as contacts. At iOS, the free American Greetings card company justWink Greeting Cards is another creative card maker with a wealth of pre-drawn art and ideas.

There is one for every service, such as social networking sites, SaaS products, smart devices, Google Calendar, etc. There is also a time recipe and reminder that you can use to configure reminders for important events and dates. You can also use IFTTT with Google Calendar to receive birthday notifications, send automated messages via Twitter, Facebook, Slack and more. I put my personal birthday memories on a recurring to-do list.

Calendars and related events are visible on the grid on the main screen. For example, you can create a calendar where you can record all your work events and another where you can only write down the birthdays of your friends and family. By adding a birthday to your online calendar, you can remember.

When adding a birthday, make sure it reappears annually. You can also add a reminder a few days before the birthday to make sure you don’t forget. If it’s a birthday for which you want to buy a gift, add a reminder two weeks in advance so you have time to think about a gift and get one too. An excellent application that offers many additional features to send birthday wishes, gifts and more.

Therefore, every time you come up with a date, automatically remember that someone’s birthday is just before or after. Anyone with a smartphone can do this and it would also be a good idea to have a backup reminder on their laptop. Use an online calendar and mark the birthdays you want to remember. BigDates reminds you of a birthday via text message on a mobile phone or email with card and gift suggestions.