Although this is an undocumented fact, it is safe to say that there are as many crystals as they represent. Knowledge about each type of crystal and its congenital healing properties has been passed down from generation to generation, and as in Chinese medicine stores that specialize in mixing herbs to treat all kinds of diseases, crystals also have different but delicate remedies for healing and improvement. .

Want to know which crystal to choose for a specific need? Below is a list of some of the most commonly used crystals and the main purposes of their use:

Amethyst (Violet/Violet) – This crystal strengthens the endocrine and immune systems, and is a powerful cleanser and source of energy for the blood. In addition, it helps alleviate mental health problems and disorders, as well as improves mental abilities and canal abilities. The crystal amethyst is very soothing and therefore great for meditation.

Aventurine (water-green/forest green) – Crystal aventurine is thought to cleanse ‘three bodies’ – a mental, emotional and ethereal or ‘a ‘hearing’ body that extends beyond what seems ‘edged’. ‘your physical body. It also helps to get rid of fear and anxiety and thus increases independence.

Heart – (bright orange) – this beautifully colored crystal improves memory and relieves grief and sadness. It also stimulates courage and creativity, reducing anger, jealousy and fear. Many people wear crystal sedolics for protection and good luck. Practical advice: it can also help you find the right partner!

Fluorite – (milky white, transparent, light green, slate-gray) – the properties of fluorite crystals – this is exactly what you can probably already imagine – they make your teeth and bones stronger! They are known as “health crystals” because they are also very useful for protecting blood vessels and spleen from toxins. Fluorite crystals also grind and “throw away” excess energy, so they are also great for mind development, concentration and meditation.

Transparent crystal quartz – (white, transparent). Transparent quartz crystal is perhaps the most popular in some circles simply because of its simplicity. This magnificent crystal activates and strengthens the pineal gland and pituitary gland that regulate growth, so this crystal is especially recommended for children and adolescents. These crystals also serve as excellent emotional ‘balancers’, improving the thought process, making clairvoyance much easier. Hang these crystals in front of the window to allow the full spectrum of energy to activate all levels of your consciousness, especially if you feel depressed – these crystals are professionals in the expulsion of negative energy.

Lapis – (topaz /blue) – lazuli, as this crystal is also called, is very effective for internal organs: use this crystal if you suffer from migraine, acid reflux or other digestive problems or bloating. It also helps in spiritual development.

Hematitis – (silver-gray/ dark gray) – Hematite has an extremely positive effect on the fluidity of circulation. It also removes toxins and activates the activity of the spleen, which filters the blood and regulates red blood cells together with white blood cells. Hematitis is also used to relieve stress and strengthen the physical body; it has unique stimulant properties, as well as enhances personal magnetism, which, of course, contributes to optimism, courage and all that good!

Pink quartz – (pink/pink) – this crystal is often found near the bed, as it is believed to increase fertility and facilitate sexual and emotional imbalance. This naturally dispels the accumulated anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy. Do you have a testy character or friend who too often breaks out? Be sure to buy a crystal of pink quartz! “Soft” is the perfect description of this crystal, which also promotes forgiveness, compassion and love. No one can do without it!

Jasper – (light brown/marble/painted) – Jasper crystal radiates tremendous emotional and psychological healing, promoting harmony and balance. Some say it reveals hidden thoughts, hopes and fears. It definitely improves creative visualization, so keep it handy during meditation.

Moonstone – (cream/often blue-green) – the moonstone crystal is associated with love and protection, and surpasses additional intuition and psychic abilities.

Obsidian – (black/grey) – this sparkling crystal is popular because it brings peace and purity to those who wear it, wear it or use it for medicinal purposes. It evokes both positive and negative emotions and strikes a balance in times of change and transition.

Sodalite – (smoky/blue, dark blue) – This beautiful crystal also treats internal organs; has a positive effect on the pancreas and endocrine system. It is also said to suppress fear and allow you to balance the polarity of a man/woman or a yin/yang in those who need “centration.” It is also ideal for communication and creative expression.

Tiger’s Eye – (brown/striped/brown/yellow) – is another crystal that many people carry with them for health reasons: Tiger’s eye crystals cover almost everything: spleen, pancreas, intestine and colon. It is extremely well founded and focused. Do you have a stubborn boyfriend? Put one in your pocket as a sign of love. Soon they will come to you with a sudden but clear sense of perception and insight!

Ron is a master of crystals and Reiki, a metaphysicist and meditation teacher who lives and works at The Fortress of Akasha; a spiritual centre dedicated to healing and education, located in the beautiful Somerset region of the state of Australia.

Disclaimer: The metaphysical and therapeutic properties described in this article are for inspiration and reference. These supposed properties were collected from scriptures, books, folklore, and various other sources. They depend on a person’s views and beliefs. They are in no way intended to replace diagnosis or treatment with a qualified therapist or doctor.

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